Is Your City Smart?

Going forward, Smart Cities will have underlying communication systems that support the required level of communication wherever people are in a city.  Existing differences in capacity, security, privacy and reliability between home, office, clinic, and school will be erased.  We expand the notion of a Smart City by including all city assets, every residential premise, every commercial property, and other objects or other assets which need to receive and share information. 


EntryPoint helps cities and cooperatives with the technologies and smart city methodology to effectively plan for the key components of a Smart City.  The result of our planning and implementation services is that we - 

   1.   Eliminate Silos

   2.   Create intelligence at the Edge

   3.   Build scalable and evolvable systems

   4.   Build systems that are locally resilient


The modern economy is largely a communication economy and it is difficult for a City/Co-op to optimize outcomes without optimizing smart city infrastructure.

Place Holder Need a Good Smart City Quote

"As broadband communications are increasingly perceived as an essential service, not unlike water, sewers and electricity, a different model threatens the broadcast model.  That model conceives of communications infrastructure as a community or public resource, by means of which end-users can actively publish and exchange content that is not centrally controlled."

"Surely, the strongest motivator for municipal involvement in communications is the failure of private firms to provide a full array of broadband services to consumers at competitive prices."