In 2010, EntryPoint began its first consulting project in Ammon, Idaho.  EntryPoint has had a formal consulting agreement with Ammon since 2010, as it has successfully helped plan and deploy the most innovative and reliable network in the US.  EntryPoint is currently providing consulting services for cities and counties in Utah, Idaho, California, Arizona, Oregon, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, and Massachusetts.


The scope of work on EntryPoint consulting engagements varies – but often includes these elements:

  • Broadband Strategy

  • SWOT Analysis

  • Assessment of Existing Broadband Infrastructure

  • Market Analysis

  • Community Engagement and Customer Acquisition

  • Comparison of Broadband Models

  • High-level Fiber Optic Network Design and Materials Cost Summary

  • Coordination with Potential Project Partners

  • Coordination with Potential Financial Partners

  • Coordination of Planning for Financing Options

  • Securing Legal Opinions to Establish Authority

  • Financial Analysis

  • Financial Feasibility

  • Risk Analysis

  • Preparation of RFP for Engineering & Construction

  • Master Broadband Plan Report Preparation


It is possible to do an excellent job doing things right - like building a network that is functional and still do the wrong things - like building a network that never gets broad adoption or isn’t designed with the consumer in mind.  A feasibility study which leads a city to do things right but not to do the right things will lead to a network that is not evolvable in the rapidly changing future.


Too many feasibility studies tend to be lopsidedly tactical.  They tend to do hand-waving toward strategic issues and then dive heavily into tactical matters.


​Municipalities thinking about municipal broadband should focus on the unique value which municipal broadband can provide - which traditional broadband incumbents won’t or can’t provide.  EntryPoint's consulting services answer the question of value from municipal broadband by helping its clients focus on the customer and delivering the solutions customers seek by giving residents robust and reliable infrastructure and choice through competition.

"We are at the Dawn of a New Era"

National Science Foundation - Workshop Report, Feb 2016

“We are at the dawn of a new era: Software Defined Infrastructure; a starting point of a very deep revolution that will reshape our global computing infrastructure. It is conceivable that today’s internet will run in just one “slice” across this infrastructure, with many other novel services populating other slices.” >>> View Report