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EntryPoint Networks provides a Network Management platform that is designed for municipal networks. EntryPoint makes it easy for the network operator to focus on maintaining infrastructure and leaves services to the open marketplace.

EntryPoint’s Dynamic Open Access platform is designed for all municipal operators including city networks, municipal utility districts, rural utility cooperatives, and county networks.

EntryPoint Municipal Networks 

EntryPoint's customers can count on -

     >  Fiber-Optics

     >  Symmetrical Networks (Gig speeds up and down)

     >  Dedicated Networks (You won't share with your neighbors)

     >  Choice (Switch your ISP in 40 Seconds)

     >  Savings Through Competition

     >  Automation to Make Things Easy

EntryPoint’s Automated Open Access platform is designed for city networks, municipal utility districts, rural utility cooperatives, and county networks.

Community Education Video

The Following Video is Used by Municipalities to Help Residents Understand Our Approach 

Carl Kandutsch - PhD, JD - Former FCC General Council

"As broadband communications are increasingly perceived as an essential service, not unlike water, sewers and electricity, a different model threatens the broadcast model.  That model conceives of communications infrastructure as a community or public resource, by means of which end-users can actively publish and exchange content that is not centrally controlled."

"Surely, the strongest motivator for municipal involvement in communications is the failure of private firms to provide a full array of broadband services to consumers at competitive prices."

Municipal Broadband

Leading the Way in Next Generation Municipal Networks

Ammon, Idaho was EntryPoint’s first full deployment and Ammon has gained national attention because it was the first live Open Access Network using Software Defined Infrastructure and network automation in a way that gives users the ability to provision networks on demand and the ability to change ISP’s in 40 seconds.  As the ecosystem of applications increases, the value of the network will also increase.  The benefits of this ecosystem are already apparent in Ammon. >>> View Video