EntryPoint Networks is seeking to change the dominant internet access model from the current closed, siloed systems that are dominant world-wide to systems that are open from edge to edge and operated as a utility to increase innovation, network evolvability, economic development opportunities and give consumers choice in how they pay for the network and what, when, and where they use services on that network.  In short, we believe that the broadband networks of today operate to give maximum revenue to the network owner with the least level of service but should actually be operated to give maximum service at the lowest possible cost.  That is made possible by building cutting edge software solutions for open networks and by an extraordinary team that works to execute that vision.

Current Positions

Title:  Senior Software Engineer - Level III

Location:  Ammon, Idaho (Idaho Falls Area)


Job Description:  A central piece of our software solution functions as the brains of city-wide broadband networks.  The key role for this position will be to build software to manage physical and virtual hardware and logical and physical networks. This is an incredibly unique and challenging part of what we do on a day-to-day basis.  Our core software is an API / orchestration platform that uses RESTful approaches to integrate with our user interfaces, custom services, and third-party applications.  Because of the diverse systems that we work with we have opportunities to work with many technologies that require us to learn new things each day.  We typically discover that “there’s no google search for that” as we work to innovate and solve real problems.


Job Requirements:  4+ years of hands-on software development and engineering are a requirement to be successful in this position.  The ability to research and find viable solutions to challenging problems is also a must.  As in all jobs, there will be a learning curve, but we believe that a skilled person with the desire to learn and the passion to help change the world will find a lot of joy in solving hard problems!


We believe these are attributes that will help you be successful with us:


  • Good communication skills and the ability to work well in a team

  • Proficient in an object oriented programming language

  • Sound understanding of communication networks

  • Versed in database structures

  • Ability to automate manual tasks and make them reproducible

  • Willingness to learn new skills and desire to solve challenging problems


Salary and benefits are competitive and negotiable based on experience.


If you feel like you would be a good fit here at EntryPoint, please submit your resume to jobs@entpnt.com.