Why Municipal Networks Should Be Disruptive - Broadband Communities Magazine, Oct 2017

The traditional telecom model is not working. For a locality (city/county) to succeed with a municipal broadband alternative, it can’t just duplicate the incumbent model. >>> View Article

Broadband Communities Magazine - Annual "2017 TOP 100" List

EntryPoint Networks made the Broadband Communities Magazine list of Top 100 Fiber-to-the-home Leaders and Innovators >>> View Article

How did Ammon get a $10 ISP and Achieve 70% Take-Rates that Continue to Rise?

EntryPoint just released the white paper:  The Value of Choice and Ammon's $10.00 ISP.  From the paper: "Since going live 10 months ago, ISP prices in Ammon have fallen from $44.95 to $9.99 (per month) for a 100 X 100 Mbps ISP connection."  >>> View White Paper

Bye-Bye Broken Market

Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) published an article detailing some of the advantages of Ammon's new fIber network.  Quote: "I’ve lived in a lot of places — Maryland, Hawaii, Germany — and this is by far the best, fastest and most reliable internet I’ve had,” ... This is the future.” >>> View Article

Vertical Disintegration: The Future of Telecom?

"Telecom industry... will transition from a vertically integrated industry dominated by local monopolies to a vertically disintegrated one" - an article by Robert Wack >>> View Article

Houses with Tails: Another Way to Disintegrate

"Back in 2009, Derek Slater and Tim Wu published an article with an interesting thesis... Home owners would buy their fiber drop from the municipality or their service provider, either with a lump sum up front, or a monthly fee tacked onto their bill." - an article by Robert Wack >>> View Article

American Prospect Publishes Municipal Broadband Article

American Prospect article discussing EntryPoint's unique approach to broadband networks >>> View Article

Ammon, ID awarded "Community Broadband Project of the Year 2016"

August 1st the City of Ammon, Idaho was recognized as the Community Broadband Project of the Year by the National Association of Telecommunications Officers & Advisors (NATOA)  >>> View Announcement

Ammon's Model - Next Century Cities and ILSR Documentary (20 min)

Must see video released by ILSR and Next Century Cities describing "Ammon's Model" a revolutionary new approach to Municipal Fiber (powered by EntryPoint's FlowOps).  Municipalities which are in the process of deploying broadband networks will benefit from watching this mini-documentary. >>> View Video

Breaking News - Local Channel 8

Using EntryPoint's Dynamic Open Access management platform, the City of Ammon, ID launches the first fully automated SDN / Open Access fiber-optic broadband network >>> View News Coverage

Active Shooter Application Demo - Powerful Public Saftey Tech

The City of Ammon, ID demonstrates their award winning School Emergency Screencase Application... very powerful public saftey technologies.  >>> View Video

National Science Foundation Report - Speaking EntryPoint's Language

A Report by the National Science Foundation outlines the future of Broadband Networks.  This is report provides relevant guidance for future-proofing a broadband network. >>> View Report

Skinny Wire Magazine Article Highlighting Our Technology

EntryPoint's technology platform highlighted in lead article in Teleco trade magazine Skinny Wire. September 2016  >>> View Article


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