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Open Access as a Digital Marketplace

The Internet Disruption Every City Needs - Jeff Christensen, EntryPoint - TEDx SLC, Sept 9th 

The traditional broadband model is broken because consumers are powerless.  This needs to change...

Modern Networks, Innovation and Cities - Jeff Christensen, EntryPoint - TEDx Riverton, Mar 22nd

We can't separate the story of infrastructure to the story of economic development. Communication is the economy....

Tom Wheeler, former Chairman of the FCC - Video address to the city of Ammon, Idaho

Ammon, Idaho has implemented the most advanced Municipal Fiber Network in the US. 

Chairman Wheeler outlines the unique nature of what Ammon is doing...  


Quote:  "All of America should be looking at the Ammon Model".

Harvard University - Research Report on Municipal Broadband

After 12 months of research, Harvard University released a Case Study on creating competition for services in a municipal fiber network.  Report ConclusionBy providing virtualized fiber network access as a public utility, Ammon has created a platform that allows an extraordinary level of competition, innovation, and experimentation. And Ammon’s model provides very little, if any, financial risk to the city. >>> View Report

Why Municipal Networks Should Be Disruptive - Broadband Communities Magazine, Oct 2017

The traditional telecom model is not working.  For a locality (city/county) to succeed with a municipal broadband alternative, it can’t just duplicate the incumbent model. >>> View Article

Strategy is More Important Than Feasibility (Tactics)

A White Paper outlining why municipalities should focus more on Strategy and not Tactics when planning and deploying a municipal broadband network. >>> View Paper

Open Access in Today's Cloud World, Redefining the Meaning of Open Access

Traditional open access networks lack sufficient automation and software control to enable a dynamic maketplace and true competition.  This White Paper outlines a powerful new definition and approach for Open Access... Automated Dynamic Open Access. >>> View Paper

10 Reasons Why Broadband Should be a Municipal Utility

A White Paper outlining why municipalities should play a central role in deployment of the next generation broadband networks. >>> View Paper

Ammon's Model - Next Century Cities and ILSR

Must view video released by ILSR and Next Century Cities describing "Ammon's Model" a revolutionary new approach to Municipal Fiber (powered by EntryPoint's FlowOps).  Municipalities which are in the process of deploying broadband networks will benefit from watching this mini-documentary. >>> View Video

Active Shooter Application Demo - Powerful Public Saftey Tech

The City of Ammon, ID demonstrates their award winning School Emergency Screencase Application... very powerful public saftey technologies.  >>> View Video

National Science Foundation Report - Speaking EntryPoint's Language

A Report by the National Science Foundation outlines the future of Broadband Networks.  This is report provides relevant guidance for future-proofing a broadband network. >>> View Report



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